I don’t understand

Ok, so I want to first say that
A) I respect all religions
B) I think that people are entitled to their opinions
C) I’m not trying to convert anyone or whatever
D) I realize this is a sensitive topic, and I don’t mean to offend anyone or any group of people, but I need to get this off my chest.
Ok, so recently Disney aired an episode of Good Luck Charlie that featured a same sex couple. Personally, I think this is just wonderful. It’s a step forward and it teaches kids that in today’s society, it’s perfectly normal to come across a same sex couple. Also, I loved the way the show handled it. It was only about 30 seconds long and it was very nonchalant, not preachy.
So I watched the clip via YouTube, and I made the terrible mistake of reading the comments.
First thing first, I’m not gay, I am straight. I’m only clearing this up because I want people to understand that you don’t have to be a gay to support gay marriage.
Anyway, this one commentor named QueenElsa (and yeah, I’m totally calling them out) was being a massive bitch. She left an infinite amount of hateful, mean and ignorant comments about gays, condemning them to hell. Usually I’d ignore it, but she would not shut up. Of course many agreed with her, and many disagreed. There were valid points and stupid points on both sides. When the argument wasn’t a debate about whether or not God exists (which I didn’t care to join) there was a lot of arguing about sinning.
Again, I respect religion and religious people. While I personally don’t practice any religion, I was raised Christian and I do know the Bible rather well. Anyway, my point is that a lot of people where saying that the Bible says that being gay is a sin. And yes, it does say that. Personally, I disagree with that, but that’s beside the point. Ok, so it’s a sin…many, many people (especially QueenElsa) said that gays will burn in Hell. This is what made me upset.
The Bible says that Jesus died to forgive our sins. It also says that we are all sinners. Ok, so let’s say being gay is a sin…it doesn’t matter. We ALL sin, including dearest QueenElsa. So what sets gays apart from other sinners? Nothing.
Furthmore, the lovely QueenElsa had some more things to say. She said the word fag many times. This is the point where I got angry. I don’t care who you are, what you believe, how you feel about gays, but you do not use the word fag. It is hateful and very, very hurtful to people. QueenElsa was very obviously Christian, as she stated many times by endlessly typing up Bibles verses. However, the gist of Christianity is this- love, accept and forgive. That’s God’s word. Being a Christian does not mean that you are
A) superior to everyone else
B) perfect
C) holy
D) the judge of sin
My absolute favorite part of the bible is when Jesus said, “let he who has not sinned throw the first stone.” So this comes from a section where a woman, caught in the act of adultery, is sentenced to be stoned to death, as that was the law then. However, Jesus basically said that only people who have never sin have the right to judge and condemn. Obviously, Jesus was the only one who hadn’t sinned. But did he throw the stone? No. He forgave.
So back to my major point for this, it really sickens me when Christians think that they have to right to say who goes to Hell and who doesn’t. Again, I don’t think all Christians are like this. There were a handful of commentors who were Christians and also expressed disgust at the people who spread hate rather than love.
Now, the point where I got depressed and stopped reading the comments…
QueenElsa was asked by someone what she would do if she found out that one of her children were gay. Her answer was this-
“I would disown them.”
And that, is horribly, disgustingly awful. QueenElsa did state somewhere else that she had 3 children, and so she is a mother, which makes it even worse. I don’t understand how on Earth someone- who claims to be on the righteous path- is so hateful and bitter. And so blunt about it. If I had a child, I would love them no matter what. Sexuality doesn’t make a person.
I’m extremely empathetic to the point of getting more upset when others are hurt than myself. And I’ll admit…I did start to cry a little. Not because I was sad, but because I was so frustrated that I couldn’t say or do anything that would make QueenElsa- or everyone for that matter- just shut up and listen. Sometimes I’m so disgusted by how hateful people can be. We’re all humans, no matter what color, religion, sexuality or gender we are.
My whole point is not to try and debate the existence of God, or debate if being gay is a choice, or if it’s a sin. I’m typing this because I want people to think about what they say. I want us to just try and understand each other, because apparently most of us don’t even bother.